DownUnders Footbeds - Like Bucket Seats for your Feet

Only DownUnder orthotic footbeds integrate these features into a single, dynamic system.

Custom Molds To Your Arch

Mirrors your natural arch contours; lifts and holds your arch in its natural position, reducing over-use injuries with over-pronation, flat feet, and weak arches.

Deep Heel Cup with Tear-Drop Bubble

Molds, creating an exact fit, neutrally aligning the heel for comfort, performance, shock absorption, heel spur protections and ankle pain.

Very Durable

Insulates from heat / cold, wicks moisture away, is hypo-allergenic, and is very durable and long-lasting.

Forefoot Performance

Supports the forefoot, spreading the body weight properly across the toes. Aligns the toes, helping bunions,
nerve injuries, and protecting
the soft tissue under
the metatarsals.

Self-Molding Heel Cup...

Cradles and protects at heel strike.

Self-Molding Arch...

Custom aligns your foot with each step.

Mid-Foot Bubble...

Softly spreads weight equally across the toes.

DownUnders can help with...

Latest News from DownUnders

Minimalist Movement and DownUnders Footbeds

How do these two ideas unite? Becoming a minimalist runner or walker is not an overnight transition; in fact, for the majority of people making the transition, it can be downright painful if not injury producing and debilitating! This is where DownUnders fits the picture.

For most people to be successful at running or walking in minimalist shoes, they must go through a transition period, which frankly can take weeks to months. There are but a few who have feet or legs strong enough to place a pair of minimalist shoes on their feet and run immediately without pain or injury. Why? Because the feet, which have previously been "posted" within the confined shoes are now being allowed the freedom to simply "be." Muscles that haven't been called upon to perform since you first learned to walk, are now being called upon to perform. Like any underused muscle, ligament or tendon, overuse can bring pain and injury. Thus, transition is key.

DownUnders assists in making the transition. Why? Because DownUnders are designed to center and balance the foot while at the same time allowing the foot to remain dynamic within the shoe and promoting a natural, strengthening movement! This is a concept unique to DownUnders Footbeds. Our insoles do not brace the foot as do other devices which tend to be rigid and inflexible. The DownUnders device moves with your feet, assisting your feet to better function as they were intended.

So when purchasing your initial pair of minimalist shoes, ask the fit specialists assisting you for a pain free transition and insist on DownUnders Footbeds. Our Purple running/walking model or our Thinsole model, designed for low profile shoes, are excellent choices.


About DownUnders

The most technically advanced off-the-shelf footbed; step by step creates a custom biomechanical foot support, like "Bucket Seats" for your feet. Through their design, the EVA stabilizer structure gradually adapts to the shape of the feet and shoes amid use to improve foot comfort, reducing foot/leg fatigue, and improving body balance. The deep heel cup is truly amazing. It molds for an exacting fit around the heel, positioning the heel's calcanus bone over a shock-absorbing heel bubble for increased shock absorption. The arches score great support too! When the foot's arches are compressed between the body's weight and the hard ground, the dynamic cradling chassis adapts, forming a deeper, more supportive foot cradle - like beach sand! Built with a Honey-Comb dual-density foam structure, DownUnders provide long lasting durability and comfortable performance. Effective for walking, running, racquet sports, skiing, and better foot comfort!

Health Professionals and Store Owners...

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You Rock! I’m in Portland Oregon. The pair of DownUnders I bought in Boise at Bandanna Running (who are awesome) are worn out! They’re the BEST for running and hiking and, well all the stuff I do on my feet. Is there a place nearby where I can get your really cool insoles? I’d love to know.

– Geoffrey G.

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