Testimonials from Bikers

I have been prescribing DownUnder Orthotics for 6 years with amazing results. They are the best over the counter Orthotics out there bar none. They are comfortable, supportive and one of the few that has a metatarsal lift. Patients love them and they balance the three arches of the foot to bio mechanically enhance the genetic chain of the knees, hips, and pelvis. I would highly recommend them for providers as well as end users. They are excellent for the ever growing pediatric patient as well as the high end adult athlete.
Years in Better Health,
– Dr. Jeffery B. - D.C., C.C.S.P.
In our opinion, no other product for fit, comfort and performance comes close.
– Inside Tracks
“Gear Of The Year: Our Picks Of Top Products for 2001”
I have used the Walkabout DownUnder Footbeds for about five years. The durable material lasts forever, much longer than any sponge insert. I had a Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition from a pinched nerve in the foot that feels like you have a rock in your shoe. The DownUnder has the proper arch support and mid sole support to help relieve the pressure so the irritated nerve area can heal. Although improper support is not always the cause of neuroma, it is often a key source of the problem. I highly recommend the DownUnder insole that will work for most as well as any expensive custom-fitted orthotic.
– Michael

The story I always tell customers when they ask how long they last, I tell them about the gentleman that came in dragging his wife behind him. He asked if we still sold the DownUnders? I said, of course, do you need a new pair? He said I have had mine for 3 years and they are still great, would you fit my wife with a pair and shut her up!

I love your product, have for the last 13 years! I was recently at an in-service for physical therapists, a well known Pedorthic Teacher was trying to sell her new over the counter foot orthotics to these PT's. There are 6 styles to chose from depending on the patients foot type all in bright colors made from hard plastic. Pretty. When the head PT approached me to carry these items in my shop, I said no, I carry the DownUnders, they will mold to the patient's foot and I can customize them according to their needs. Why in the world would I invest in their package for $1200 and have to keep a huge stock on hand when the DownUnders do a better job in the long run and cost less!

Keep up the good work!
– Reggie S., LPed
"I used the DownUnders Cycling Footbeds along the Continental Divide Route last Summer. Over 2600+ miles they kept my feet supported and pain free. They were simple to instal, I didn't even need to trim them, and because they are so thin they didn't change the volume of the shoe noticeably. Great product and one I can highly recommend."
– Scott C.
Owner Tognar Toolworks